The Anaerobixx Diet 3.0
A serious diet to get you serious results from serious training!

With The Anaerobixx targeted ketogenic diet
I achieved ELITE athletic performance
and SUPERIOR body composition

I used The Anaerobixx Diet
to lose OVER thirty pounds of fat in UNDER four months
-- at forty years old ! ! !

Then I used The Anaerobixx Diet to LOSE OVER AN INCH from my waist
WHILE ADDING THIRTY POUNDS to my squat and deadlift


What is The Anaerobixx Diet 3.0?

The Anaerobixx Diet 3.0 is the most advanced targeted ketogenic diet available to support your workouts in a way no other diet can!

This diet will help you increase your muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance while building muscle and melting away fat at the same time — all without having to starve yourself to cut fat or force feed a bulking diet!

You'll be stronger every time you go to the gym and leaner every time you take off your shirt!

Imagine a diet that will support your progress in a way that you'll actually enjoy working out and look forward to checking your progress in the mirror!!!

Here's what you get in this performance nutrition system

How and why The Anaerobixx Diet works

In this 33-minute video I explain exactly how every component of The Anaerobixx Diet works together to support your training in a way that will build muscle, strength and endurance while starving the fat right off your body at the same time!

I’ll explain the roles of carbs and protein in building a powerful, athletic physique. Then I’ll go on to explain what the optimum amount of each is for your particular body and why taking in more will not produce better results and will actually set you back and make you a bloated, fat version of the athlete you can become!

I’ll talk about how “fat doesn’t make you fat”, the role of fat in hormone production, energy production and satiating hunger and, most importantly, I’ll explain exactly how much fat you need at every phase of The Anaerobixx Diet

Macronutrient ratios, meal timing, supplements, calories, body weight goals — everything you need to know about how to support intense training through proper nutrition will be discussed in detail in this video!

The Anaerobixx Diet Blueprint

The Anaerobixx Diet book is the perfect “quick start guide” to adapting this powerful diet to your particular body.

The first three chapters explain how and why I developed The Anaerobixx Diet, including the differences between the versions from 1.0 – 3.0 — then we’re off to telling you exactly what to do to get in the best shape of your life:

— Determining your goal body weight

— Determining your ideal protein intake

— Determining your starting caloric intake

— Creating your pre- and post-workout shakes

— Creating your daily meal structure

— Determining your initial fat intake

— Increasing your caloric intake: when, how and by how much

— When you need to change your protein and carbohydrate intake and why you usually won’t

— How to eat on rest days

— How to eat if you’re training intensely multiple times a day

— Tips and tricks to get the most out of The Anaerobixx Diet and more!

Become the expert!

For less than the cost of a single, one-hour consultation with a dietitian, I'll teach you everything you need to know to adapt this diet to support any physique or performance goal you will ever have!

Do you want to get leaner? This diet will get you lean!

Do you want to build muscle? This diet will build muscle!

Do you want to train to have the strength, explosiveness and muscular endurance of a professional or Olympic athlete? This diet will give you all of that, too!!!

Order now and start building a leaner, more muscular body today!

Get the video and the book
for only $47

Time is going to pass whether you decide to go after your dream body or not — what do you want your life to be like in a month, six months or a year?

Both the book and the video are instantly downloadable so you don’t have to wait for DVD’s to arrive in the mail to start eating for your goals because I want you to start transforming your body now — right now!

As soon as your payment is processed by Paypal, the world’s best-known and most trusted online payment processing company, you’ll immediately be sent to a download page where you can download the complete Anaerobixx Diet system onto your computer in a matter of minutes.

You may pay with a credit card or Paypal, whichever you choose.

Get the body you always
wanted for only $47

Should you ever have any questions, comments or problems at all, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at:
Bob ( at ) Anaerobixx .com


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