Low-Carb Cutting and Bulking
Build muscle faster while staying leaner!
Lose fat faster while staying stronger!

Low-Carb Cutting and Bulking is a package of four diets that teaches everything you need to know to take total control of your body composition through ketogenic dieting

Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle or both, Low-Carb Cutting and Bulking covers exactly how to eat to get a lean and muscular physique!

The Pure Protein Diet is the fastest, most effective method of losing fat while maintaining muscle and strength I've ever used!!!

I truly believe The Pure Protein Diet is so fast and effective that it alone is worth the price of the entire course!

However, to offer you the absolute most value possible, I added a less-aggressive diet that will get great results for an average guy who wants to lose weight without having to go through an "extreme diet"

In addition to the two fat-loss diets, I've included two different versions of the Low-Carb Bulking diet that I used to add seventeen pounds of muscle in under a year -- with the strength to match!

After bulking on low-carbs for over a year, I added 17-lbs of muscle and ENDED MY BULK AT 10.2% BODY FAT

Incorporating weights into my training for the first time in twenty years, I was able to use the low-carb bulking diet to create these massive results:

From body weight to BAR DIPS WITH BODY WEIGHT

I brought my 20-rep breathing squat
from 115-lbs to 255-lbs for TWENTY REPS

From having never done the exercise before
to trap bar deadlifts with 405-LBS FOR FIVE REPS!!!

I break down all four diets in a way that everyone can understand, including leading you through the process of adapting each diet to your exact weight, body composition and goals -- all you need to do is plug in your numbers and follow-along step-by-step.

Why "low-carb" cutting and bulking?

The answer can be explained in one simple phrase:
Diet affects hormones and hormones affect body composition

Carbs cause fat storage -- Every time a person consumes carbohydrates, his blood sugar rises. Because it is unhealthy to have elevated blood sugar levels for extended periods of time, a healthy body will produce the hormone insulin to lower blood sugar to normal levels.

The downside to this is that insulin is a storage hormone. When insulin is present, your body is actually encouraged to store available nutrients as body fat!

So it goes to follow that the less often you "spike" your insulin levels by consuming carbohydrates, the less likely your body is to store fat.

As you can imagine, this has several upsides for us. First of all, if your goal is to cut fat, you don't want to do anything that will cause your body to store even more body fat!

Second, if your goal is to build LEAN muscle, you can eat more total calories while storing less fat by maintaining low insulin levels!

Eating more fat increases testosterone -- Fat is a hormone precursor, especially saturated fat and cholesterol. That means fat is the stuff your body takes to make into testosterone, the male sex hormone that is so crucial to muscle building and fat burning.

If your dietary fat intake drops below 20% of your total calories, your testosterone levels will plummet! Conversely, the higher the percentage of calories you take in from fat (to a point) the higher your natural testosterone levels will climb!

Because of this, low-fat diets are like "reverse steroids", they lower your testosterone levels instead of raising them and make it harder, if not impossible to burn fat and build muscle!

Eating low-carb causes your body to burn more fat -- Your body needs energy and that energy can come from carbohydrates or fat. We've already talked about the advantage of eating a high-fat diet and the disadvantage of eating a high-carbohydrate diet, but there's another very important point that we need to cover . . .

When the human body is deprived of carbohydrates, it begins breaking down fats into ketone bodies, which can be used as an energy source.

There are many advantages to being in a state of ketosis, where the human body is constantly producing ketone bodies and therefore using fat instead of carbohydrates as fuel, not the least of which is that there are no "sugar rushes" nor are there any "sugar crashes", rather there is a constant, even energy.

But the most important advantage that a fat-fueled body has over someone running on carbs is the simple fact that a fat-adapted body has been trained to constantly burn fat!

You're lying on the sofa? Your body has to burn fat to fuel your bodies functions!

You're running a marathon? Your body has to burn a lot of fat to fuel your energy output!

Once you're fat-adapted, your body will literally be burning fat 24/7 and that is a tremendous advantage, whether you're cutting or bulking!!!

If you're cutting fat, you'll be burning body fat at an incredible rate, while preserving muscle and strength!

If you're building muscle, you'll be able to use body fat instead of dietary fat to fuel your workouts and recovery, thereby eating less and still growing bigger and stronger, often achieving what can only be described as the holy grail of dieting -- building muscle and burning fat at the same time!!!

Why are there two low-carb
bulking diets?

The answer is "G-Flux"

G-Flux is the difference between the calories a person burns in a day without exercise or other physical activity and the amount of calories he burns including all his physical activity.

A bodybuilder who doesn't do cardio, for instance, has a relatively low G-Flux because he only needs enough energy (calories) to go throughout his day, fuel a one-hour weight workout and recover from the workout.

A professional mixed martial artist on the other hand would have a very high G-Flux.

A typical day for him would include strength training, endurance / conditioining work, wrestling / grappling, boxing / kickboxing and full-on MMA sparring. The number of calories he burns in a day would be enormous compared to the bodybuilder, not to mention the calories and nutrients he would need to recover and rebuild his body after those workouts.

Although many of the principles are the same, I have seperated the low-carb bulking diets into two separate books -- HIGH G-Flux and LOW G-Flux to make sure that both diets are as easy as possible to understand and to apply.

Here are the diets you get in this complete nutrition system

The Pure Protein Diet

The Pure Protein Diet is a very simple concept — get your body adapted to burning fat, then reduce the amount of fat you eat so you’re burning much more body fat than on the usual ketogenic diet.

In practice, it isn’t that simple, however, so I also cover EXACTLY how many total calories to eat, EXACTLY how much fat and how much protein, EXACTLY how often to eat and why, which nutrients you need to eat at what times — and that’s just the beginning!

I then go on to discuss fat re-feeds, keto cheat meals, transitioning out of The Pure Protein Diet so you don’t gain back the weight you lost and my greatest achievement — The Fat-Cycling Diet!

Low-Carb Cutting and Maintaining

The Pure Protein Diet is the optimal diet for serious athletes who want or need to get VERY lean, VERY quickly!

Unfortunately, those fast, excellent results come at the price of eating restricted amounts of boring, bland foods for extended periods of time . . .

That’s why I’ve also included a diet “for the rest of us” who want to lose fat, but want to do it gradually and as pleasantly as possible — those of us who don’t want to rush fat loss “as though our careers depended on it”, because they usually don’t!

By allowing for a much higher fat content, as well as more total calories, The Low-Carb Cutting Diet provides dependable fat loss without sluggishness, irritability or excessive hunger!

Low-Carb Bulking with Low G-Flux

If you don’t workout at all or just do strength training, the Low G-Flux Low-Carb Bulking Diet may very well be the perfect diet for you to stay on for the rest of your life!

It’s not restrictive in terms of meal timing, there is less measuring and weighing of food and you get to eat a lot of fun, tasty, high-fat foods while on the diet.

Not to mention it can get you lean, big and strong as hell as well!

Low-Carb Bulking with High G-Flux

If training is a big part of your life, the High G-Flux Low-Carb Bulking Diet can be a godsend!

It’s the epitome of the “train a lot, eat a lot” mentality that has all but disappeared from today’s training scene . . .

Believe me, no matter how hard you train, this diet will definitely have everything you need to perform in the gym and recover from your workouts when you’re done!

BONUS BOOK: The Low-Carb Method of Cutting and Bulking

This book ties everything together, giving you a complete understanding of not only what to do, but why it works so well!

In it I cover every macro nutrient, how each of them affects your body, the fallacies of certain popular diets and how to get what you need without eating anything that won’t directly benefit you.

This is your opportunity to get four different diets from a physique-transformation expert for less than the cost of a single, one-hour consultation with a registered dietitian!

Order now and start building a leaner, more muscular body right away!

Get all four diets and the bonus book
for only $47

 Time is going to pass whether you decide to go after your dream body or not — would you like to get similar results to mine or would you rather do nothing and be just as overweight, unhealthy and unhappy a year from now???

All four books are instantly downloadable so you don’t have to wait for anything to arrive in the mail to start your transformation because I want you to start changing your life now — right now!

As soon as your payment is processed by Paypal, the world’s best-known and most trusted online payment processing company, you’ll immediately be sent to a download page where you can download the complete Low-Carb Cutting and Bulking package onto your computer in a matter of minutes.

You may pay with a credit card or Paypal, whichever you choose.

Get the body you always wanted
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